Bringing EV to Drivers.

In an effort to promote sustainable mobility and green logistics, TADA, a popular ride-hailing company in Singapore, has partnered with EVFY, a company specialising in electric vehicle (EV) leasing and charging infrastructure. This partnership aims to make EVs more accessible to TADA drivers while also reducing their fuel costs and promoting sustainable transportation.

The Partnership Scheme

Under the partnership scheme, TADA drivers can lease an EV at a special rate, which will help them save up to 70% on fuel costs. Additionally, TADA drivers will receive additional discounts on all EV charging and scheduled delivery jobs to complement TADA’s on-demand jobs.

This initiative provides TADA drivers with an extra source of income while also promoting sustainable mobility.

The Challenge: Nobody Checks Their Emails

The biggest challenge facing the adoption of this initiative is in promoting it towards all drivers. The existing option is via EDMs but drivers are known not to check their emails.

As a result, alternative methods of communication had to be explored to ensure maximum awareness of the partnership scheme among TADA drivers.

The S-OOH-lution

To address this challenge, TADA and EVFY decided to adopt an omni-channel approach, which involved designing and displaying an out-of-home (OOH) banner at TADA’s Support Center. The banner was strategically placed in the center where drivers go for administrative tasks, making it an ideal location to reach the target audience.

Conducting Business Via Whatsapp

To encourage TADA drivers to lease an EV and take advantage of the partnership scheme, a QR code call-to-action was included in the banners. Scanning the code will take users to a Whatsapp business number which they could call or message.

This particular form of contact was deemed to be more effective than other methods such as online application or email as TADA drivers were more likely to use Whatsapp to communicate. By providing a simple and convenient way to reach out to EVFY and inquire about the EV leasing options, TADA and EVFY were able to encourage more drivers to take advantage of this scheme.

The Call-To-Action was adapted to suit the communication preferences of drivers


Understand Your Target Audience: TADA and EVFY’s decision to adopt a call-to-action through QR code and Whatsapp was based on their understanding of TADA drivers’ preferences. This approach proved to be effective in promoting the partnership scheme and encouraging drivers to lease EVs.

Physical Vs. Digital – It Depends: As businesses go digital, it can be tempting to limit marketing campaigns to digital-only channels due to cost and convenience. But sometimes that might not be the best way to reach your target audience. By strategically placing the OOH banner at TADA’s Support Center where drivers go for administrative tasks, TADA and EVFY were able to maximise the visibility of their scheme and reach their target audience effectively.

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