Rolling in the dough

The Strategy Behind Bakery Pulse Patisserie's Highest Sales Month.

Pulse Patisserie is a renowned bakery that has built a reputation for delivering high-quality pastries and treats to its customers. Recently, the bakery achieved its highest-ever monthly sales, which has been attributed to a strategic approach.

Finding the right balance

The bakery launched a month-long digital ad campaign before the Chinese New Year, where they tested their bestsellers against their new products.

The bestsellers, with their lower price point and broad appeal, were targeted at a wider audience, while the new products, with their premium quality and higher price point, targeted customers with deeper pockets. The aim was to strike the perfect balance between both product lines and focus marketing efforts on the one that would yield the most profit.

Playing to their strengths

Pulse Patisserie also shifted their advertising focus from Google Search Ads to more visual channels like Facebook and Instagram.

This decision was based on their strength in creating visually appealing pastries, and they wanted to showcase them to the fullest.

Campaign Structure

The campaign was structured into three tracks – Cold, Warm, and Hot.

The Cold track targeted people who were unaware of Pulse Patisserie before, while the Warm track was for those who had heard of the bakery but had not yet purchased anything. The Hot track was for the existing customers.

The Cold track used visuals to catch the attention of potential customers, while the Warm track retargeted these customers with branded visuals, building trust and keeping the bakery top-of-mind. The Hot track aimed to inform as many customers as possible about the new release, as existing customers are considered the best customers.

Pulse logo is front and center in visuals used to target the warm audiences

Double down on your winners​

As the campaign went underway, Pulse Patisserie found that the new products were generating more revenue, even though they sold fewer units. This was because their higher price point more than made up for it. So, they decided to focus their remaining media spend on selling the new products.

As Chinese New Year drew closer and sales started to pick up, they kept the Cold track spending steady, but ramped up the Warm track spending. This was to make sure the people who were already interested in their treats would see them more often and be convinced to buy! They gradually lowered the spend on the Hot track as their pool of interested buyers dwindled.

Sweet success

In the end, Pulse Patisserie hit a new monthly sales record!

The total number of sales was lower than previous years, but the average order value had doubled. Paid search traffic decreased by over 50% compared to the previous year, and attributed revenue decreased by 38%, but it was more than made up for by the increase in other channels like Organic Traffic (+33%) and Offline (+115%).


Test and Experiment: This case study highlights the importance of testing and experimenting with different portfolios of products to see what resonates best with customers.

High Volume vs. High Ticket: Some businesses will see more success with high-volume, low-priced products while others will see success with low-volume, high-ticket items. It’s important to find what works best for your business and target audience.

Yesterday’s Bestsellers Might Not be Today’s Champions: It’s important to keep innovating and coming up with new products and variations to stay ahead of the game and continue to drive success.

Visual Appeal: If your products are visually appealing, consider using visual channels such as Facebook and Instagram ads to leverage their impact on your target audience.

Branding is Key: This case study highlights the importance of consistent and recognizable branding. While it is not mentioned, Pulse Patisserie invested in their brand long ago, and this case study showcases the payoff of that investment.

Focus: Find your winning product, channel, etc. and double down on it. Don’t try to do too many things at once, as this will dilute your efforts and impact success.

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