Killiney X Jaded Macaron

Turning Timeless Classics Into Modern Treats.

Killiney Kopitiam is a Singapore-based chain of mass-market, traditional kopitiam styled service cafes selling toast products, soft-boiled eggs and coffee.

Jaded Macaron is a boutique bakery that specializes in creating macarons with distinct and innovative flavors.

Killiney and Jaded collaborated to transform some of Killiney’s classic flavors into macarons. This exclusive collection showcases some of Killiney’s all-time favorites, including Soft Boiled Egg, Kaya Toast, Laksa and Kopi.

Two is Better Than One

The limited edition series was co-marketed through both Killiney and Jaded’s digital channel, reaching the followers of both businesses and amplifying the promotion.

The Scarcity Effect

By marketing the product line as limited edition, Killiney and Jaded created a sense of scarcity which, in turn, enhances the perceived value of the products.


Collaborating For a Win-Win Situation: Collaboration can be a great way to create something new and exciting, bringing together the strengths of different brands to produce a unique product or service. The collaboration between Killiney and Jaded is a great example of this, as they combined their respective areas of expertise to produce a limited edition series of macarons that showcased the best of both brands and introduced something new to consumers.

Create Scarcity to Increase Demand: Scarcity can be a powerful marketing tool when used strategically. By marketing their product line as limited edition, Killiney and Jaded created a sense of exclusivity and scarcity that increased the perceived value of their products. This shows that scarcity can be effective when used carefully and can be a useful way to increase demand for a product or service.

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