Conversion Rate Optimization

Lifting HR SaaS JustLogin's website conversion rate with CRO.

JustLogin is a cloud-based HR & payroll software company that provides integrated solutions across Southeast Asia (SEA). The company was facing challenges with low conversion rates and wanted to increase their number of leads acquired every month.

The Challenge: High Competition

The HR & payroll software industry is highly competitive with lots of big and well funded players. To get a sense of how competitive it is, PPC bids for the keyword “hr software” ranges from a low of $11.60 to a high of $48.50.

Also, potential prospects tend to compare between different HR platforms, making them harder to persuade and close.

Efficiency is The Name of The Game

We recognised that JustLogin needed to have a highly efficient website to make future sales and marketing investments worth it. We believed that by highlighting certain features, benefits, case studies, and additional details, JustLogin could create a more efficient website that would be more persuasive to potential clients.

The challenge is in identifying which information that would be.

The Experiment

To figure that out, our team conducted a pilot project with JustLogin. Over the course of three months, we conducted multiple experiments to find the most effective changes that gives the highest conversion lift.

We began by hypothesizing the type of changes that would help improve conversion efficiency, then conducted a split test to validate the lift in conversions. We focused on the home page, which receives the most traffic of all pages and would be ideal to maximize any gains in ROI.

One of the successfully validated experiments is a video testimonial by one of JustLogin’s client. We believe the reason why this video testimonial proved more effective against the rest is due to the recognisability of their client – OWNDAYS.

The Result

Over the course of the project, JustLogin was able to achieve a 500% higher conversion rate compared to the old home page. This increase was achieved without added advertising or marketing campaigns.

By focusing on key features, benefits, and case studies, we were able to create a more persuasive website that effectively communicated the value of JustLogin’s HR software.


Efficiency is a Low Hanging Fruit: Improving efficiency in sales and marketing is a quick way to achieve significant gains, particularly in highly competitive industries where significant investments are required to maintain market share.

Experimentation Involves Failures: As experimentation involves taking risks, it’s inevitable that there will be some failures along the way. However, it’s important to continue experimenting and not give up after experiencing failures, as the next experiment may lead to a breakthrough. To share some insights, majority of the CRO experiments conducted for JustLogin failed.


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