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How Fashion Brand EMVY Achieved 170% Revenue Growth with Digital Advertising.

EMVY Official is a Singapore-based fashion brand that creates contemporary, effortlessly chic clothing that allows women to express themselves and accentuate their unique silhouettes.

Through optimizing and scaling of their digital ads, we helped them achieve:

  • 170% YOY online revenue growth
  • 112.5% YOY organic traffic growth
  • Smashed their all-time retail sales record

Read more about the exact strategy below.

Narrowing Down

We started by identifying EMVY’s top-performing products and ads, and focused our efforts on those.

This is probably the single biggest “optimization” that we’ve made. The rationale is that these winners had a proven track record of success, and are likely to continue doing well.

We reduced the promoted products from a wide range to just two – Rita Top and Ario Top.

Testing & Experimenting

We didn’t just rely on what had worked in the past. We embarked on a testing phase to further refine our strategy and improve the efficiency of the campaign.

Here are some of tests that we ran:

Products: We tested different products and compared their performance against the bestsellers. 

Placements: Initially, EMVY was almost exclusively advertising on Stories, Reels, and Google Ads. We tested out other placements and narrowed down the best performing one to Instagram Feeds.

Creatives & Copy: As a fashion brand, creatives played a crucial role in your marketing. We focused on major aspects, such as visuals and copy, understanding that small adjustments in these areas can yield significant results.

Aggressive Retargeting

To achieve rapid sales, we deployed an aggressive retargeting campaign. As we knew that people who had already visited EMVY’s website were more likely to make a purchase.

This tactic proved highly effective in generating a surge in sales. However, it is important to exercise caution when employing this tactic, as the boost it provides is short-lived, and overexposure to retargeting ads can lead to audience fatigue and wasted ad spend.

Scaling Up

Once we were satisfied with the optimization of EMVY’s ad campaign, we boldly scaled up the campaign.

It is often a common mistake for businesses to shy away from scaling their campaigns – they often think that optimizing their campaign is enough.

We recognize it as a missed opportunity not to scale an optimized campaign. By scaling, we magnify its efficiency, thereby driving tremendous top-line growth. In fact, EMVY nearly tripled their ad spend during this phase.


In the end, EMVY boosted their revenue by 170% YOY and hit an all time high in their retail sales. Despite zero investment into SEO, they managed to increase their organic traffic by 112.5% YOY, mainly due to customers searching for their brand.


Focus on your bestsellers and winning ads: These are the products and ads that are already performing well. By focusing your efforts on these areas, you can get the most out of your marketing budget.

Don’t be afraid to experiment: The more you test, the more you’ll learn about what works and what doesn’t. Test different products, placements, and creatives to find which works best.

Aggressive retargeting has its pros and cons: While this strategy can be highly effective in generating immediate sales spikes, it should be used judiciously to avoid exhausting the retargeting audience and experiencing diminishing returns.

Dare to scale your campaigns: Optimization efforts alone are limited in their impact. To achieve substantial growth, it is crucial to invest in scaling your campaigns. The returns will justify itself.

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