Discover Bakery Butter Studio's 29x ROAS Winning Ad With Micro Influencers.

Butter Studio is a Singapore-based bakery brand that crafts unique and fun cakes for all celebrations. They have multiple outlets around Singapore and an online shop. They partnered with GRYT to launch a campaign for Mother’s Day.

Through micro influencers, they were able to produce and scale a 29x ROAS winning ad creative on paid social.

Read more about their strategy below.

1: Procure & shortlist relevant micro influencers.

The first step is to identify and shortlist relevant micro influencers.

GRYT took steps to vet the content of each influencer and ensure that they are appropriate for the Butter Studio brand.

2: Reach out with a no-obligation offer

Once the relevant micro influencers have been compiled, we reached out and offer to send them some of our products for them to review. If they love it, they can do a review about our products or give our brand a shoutout.

3: Ask for permission to run their content as ads

Some influencers posted content reviewing our products, while others didn’t. For those that did, we reached out to them and asked for their permission to use their content for promotional purposes.

4: Now that we' have a bunch of new creatives, time to do some creative testing

Once we gathered all the content, we structured a creative testing campaign to identify the content which is most effective in generating sales.

Through this, we were able to find a winning ad that produced over 29x ROAS.

5: Once we found a winning creative, we'll SCALE

With the efficiency nailed down, we scaled the ad campaign up to maximize it’s value.

Scaling a campaign is one of the often forgotten, but ever so critical part of a successful campaign.


In the end, Butter Studio managed a highly successful campaign. A significant factor for the success of the campaign was due to this tactic.

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