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The PPC Strategy Local Business Chin Aik Used to Expand Across APAC

Chin Aik, a local Singapore supplier of genuine aftermarket diesel engine parts has been operating since 1948, was looking to expand its reach beyond its home market. With the growing demand for genuine aftermarket diesel engine parts in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, the company saw an opportunity to expand its business in this region.


Customers in this industry tend to use Google to search for diesel parts. Additionally, customers have highly specific brand and part preferences, which is evident in the particular keywords they use when searching on Google. For instance, an engineer may search for a Camshaft made by Caterpillar and enter the phrase “Caterpillar Camshaft” into the search engine.

Highly Precise Strategy

With the understanding of customers in the industry, we worked together with Chin Aik and developed a precise PPC campaign that reached five countries across the APAC region.

The campaign promoted 13 distinct brands that Chin Aik offers and bids on more than 600 targeted keywords to display ads that promoted the exact diesel part and brand that searchers were seeking.

To ensure that our campaign was adapted to each market, we organised the campaign at a country level with specific ad sets for each brand. This approach took into consideration the variations in demand for parts and brands, as well as differences in search behavior across each country.

By organising our campaign in this way, we were able to customise the PPC parameters and adjust bids to better persuade audience in each country.


countries across APAC


brand per country


precise keywords

The Optimization

Throughout the campaign, we gained a better understanding of the nuances of each country’s audience, which enabled us to make adjustments to improve campaign performance.

Several important learnings and optimizations were made, including learning the search behavior and demand for diesel parts and brands in each country. We excluded irrelevant keywords, made bid adjustments, and reallocated budgets across campaigns. Furthermore, we stopped promoting low-converting brands and invested more into brands with higher conversions, allowing us to maximize the ROI of the campaign.


Through highly targeted PPC campaign, Chin Aik was able to successfully expand their business into the target countries across the APAC region.

The campaign proved to be an effective way to reach customers who were searching for diesel parts online, resulting in increased traffic, leads, and ultimately sales for Chin Aik.

Furthermore, the brand awareness generated by the PPC campaign had a positive impact on Chin Aik’s SEO. Returning users to their website had a favorable effect on their search engine ranking in the target countries.

As a result, Chin Aik was able to gain increased exposure to potential customers in the region and establish themselves as a reputable supplier of genuine aftermarket diesel engine parts.


Understanding Customer Behavior is Key: The success of Chin Aik’s PPC campaign demonstrates the importance of understanding customer behavior. By recognizing how their target audience searches for diesel parts, Chin Aik was able to tailor their campaign strategy accordingly and reach potential customers more effectively.

Drive Results with Precision: The precise targeting used in the campaign was also crucial to its success. By structuring the campaign in a highly targeted way, we were able to maximize performance for every country, brand, and diesel part.

Never Stop Learning: The Key to Sustained Performance: The approach of learning and optimizing in real-time was key to the success of the campaign. By keeping an open mind and being willing to adapt to the changing needs of their audience, Chin Aik was able to continually improve the performance of their campaign and achieve the desired results. Businesses should continuously learn, adapt and optimize their campaign strategy to ensure they stay relevant and effective in reaching their target audience.

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