5 Simple ways to get sales for your business

9 July 2024 | 5 min read

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Every business owner dreams of consistent sales, but the path to get there can be a balancing act between time and money. The good news? There are strategies for both! We explore 5 tactics, categorized by their time and budget requirements.

Low-Cost, Slower Strategies

Brand Collaborations

Partner with complementary brands to reach new audiences. Offer their customers exclusive discounts or free samples. This can be done through email outreach – craft a template, identify relevant brands, and start sending! Be prepared, it’s a numbers game.

Social Media Marketing

Leverage social media platforms to connect with potential customers. See what others in your industry are doing for inspiration, but make it your own! Even a smartphone can be your production studio – use free editing tools to create engaging content. It might take time to gain traction, so be patient.

Higher Cost, Faster Time-To-Impact Strategies

Digital Advertising

Places like Facebook and YouTube let you target your ads to exactly the kind of people who would love your stuff. You can even start small with a budget of just $5 a day! Some websites even give you free credits. So take advantage of those to experiment.

Influencer Marketing

Partner with content creators to promote your products to their audience. Rates vary depending on their reach. If budget is tight, consider “nano-influencers” who might be happy with free products in exchange for a promotion. For bigger names, you can offer PR kits (branded product packages) with the hopes of a shoutout, but be prepared for some rejections.

Sponsored Content

Partner with online publications for sponsored reviews or articles. This can be particularly effective for F&B businesses like cafes. Be mindful of ethical considerations – ensure the platform clearly discloses paid content.

Remember, the best approach often combines strategies. Experiment, track results, and adapt to find the perfect mix to fuel your sales success!

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